Our Glasses Guarantee

At Queen Anne Vision Clinic, we are committed to providing excellent customer service, stylish frames superior quality lenses (including Free Form lenses that are digitally manufactured to provide the highest optics). To ensure your satisfaction, we offer the following guarantees:

15 Day Guarantee Your frames should feel comfortable and look stylish. Our glasses warranty assures your satisfaction. You may return your eyeglasses for any reason, in the condition dispensed to you, within 15 days of dispense and we will exchange the glasses for a new pair.

30 Day Guarantee We want you to experience the best vision possible. Our doctors are available to review your prescription needs and recheck your vision at no charge within 30 days of dispense if you are having adaptation difficulties. We will remake your lenses one time, due to a prescription change.

1 Year Guarantee We warranty our frames and lenses against manufacturer defect for one year from date of purchase. We will replace your existing frame with an identical one at no charge. The one year lens warranty is included on our anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings. (Ask about our extended 2 year lens warranty with premium anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating.)

All returns and exchanges will be refunded in the form of store credit. All glasses are custom made and hand selected by you and our experienced opticians to ensure maximum comfort and clarity in a stylish manner. We want you to love your glasses!

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6 Reasons to Buy Your Contact Lenses at Queen Anne Vision Clinic

  1. Our Contact Lens Prices are Competitive We are constantly checking our competitors prices and adjusting ours to beat them. When you factor in insurance contributions and available rebates, our prices cannot be beat. If you find a better price elsewhere, let us know!
  2. Free Shipping When you order a year supply (or 6 months of daily lenses), we will ship them to your home or office for free.
  3. Our Lenses are Safe The contact lenses that you get from us have been ordered directly from the manufacturer. There is no risk of you receiving expired lenses or lenses that have been stored improperly.
  4. We Will Replace Defective Lenses Occasionally, you may receive a defective lens – we will replace it for you no questions asked.
  5. Less of a Wait If you order your contacts elsewhere, there is an additional wait while they verify your prescription with us. We already have your current prescription on file and can either dispense the contacts immediately if we have them in stock or we can order and have most lenses to you within 3-5 business days (often less!)
  6. Easy Exchanges If you feel that your prescription has changed, it’s easy to have a re-check and exchange unopened boxes for your current prescription.
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Happy New Year!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones! The last few weeks have been very hectic at the office and we have appreciated the days off to relax and eat good food!

Office Remodel We are excited to announce that we will be remodeling the office in February! We will be closed during the 3rd week of the month and will provide our business hours in the February Newsletter.

Eyemed Update Unfortunately, we are no longer in network with Eyemed Vision Care. If they are your vision insurance provider, we are more than happy to offer a 30% discount off of your exam and fitting and provide you with itemized receipts for any reimbursements that you may qualify for.

Blue Light Protection Our labs are now offering a coating for your glasses that protect your eyes from damage associated with blue light. If you use electronic devices for several hours a day or have a family history of macular degeneration, make sure you ask about this at your next appointment!

We hope that 2014 is an incredible year for you filled with happiness and success!

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Happy Holidays!

imageOur Wish For You…

Special times with family

Laughter and joy

Great memories with friends

The latest new toy

Success and happiness

In all that you do

Exciting adventures

Bliss for you, too

A season of love

A New Year so bright

Dreams that come true

With healthy and crisp sight!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Queen Anne Vision Clinic!

Just a reminder:

We will be closed December 24-29


We will close at 2:00 on December 31 and will resume normal business hours on January 2

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See Merry! (part 4)

Can you believe there is less than a week until Christmas and less than two weeks until 2014?! Here are a few great frames that would make a perfect gift or a fun way to use up those unspent flex spending dollars!

image image image image image image

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See Merry! (part 3)

image image image image image image

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Dry Eye Syndrome

You know that the harsh winter winds and dry air can wreak havoc on your skin and hair, but have you considered what they do to your eyes? If your eyes have been burning, itching, red or have experienced a foreign body sensation, you may be experiencing symptoms of dry eyes. Between 10-15% of Americans experience dry eyes and this number is rising due to the increase of computer, tablet and smart phone use.

What can you do?

  • Make a conscious effort to blink often when using electronic devices
  • Get a humidifier for your home and/or office
  • Protect your eyes from severe winds

If the problems continue, please call to speak with a member of our staff. If possible, monitor when your symptoms seem most severe and if anything seems to help or make your problems worse. You should always consult with an Optometrist before starting the use of over-the-counter drops.

Purchase a 3 month supply & save 10%

We are currently offering 10% off when you purchase 3 packages of dry eye drops, allergy drops or vitamins. Please stop by our office or call for details.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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See Merry! (part2)

image image image image image image image image

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See Merry!

image image image  image  image  image

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