6 Reasons to Buy Your Contact Lenses at Queen Anne Vision Clinic

  1. Our Contact Lens Prices are Competitive We are constantly checking our competitors prices and adjusting ours to beat them. When you factor in insurance contributions and available rebates, our prices cannot be beat. If you find a better price elsewhere, let us know!
  2. Free Shipping When you order a year supply (or 6 months of daily lenses), we will ship them to your home or office for free.
  3. Our Lenses are Safe The contact lenses that you get from us have been ordered directly from the manufacturer. There is no risk of you receiving expired lenses or lenses that have been stored improperly.
  4. We Will Replace Defective Lenses Occasionally, you may receive a defective lens – we will replace it for you no questions asked.
  5. Less of a Wait If you order your contacts elsewhere, there is an additional wait while they verify your prescription with us. We already have your current prescription on file and can either dispense the contacts immediately if we have them in stock or we can order and have most lenses to you within 3-5 business days (often less!)
  6. Easy Exchanges If you feel that your prescription has changed, it’s easy to have a re-check and exchange unopened boxes for your current prescription.
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